Welcome to Illumilla

If Nano Aquarium or a huge Reef Aquarium, for all requirements we are able to supply the right professional created LED lamp.On this website we provide our products and variety, we and our dealers will help you to find the right lamp for your personal Aquarium.

Enjoy our competent and trustful support in all questions you may ask us, it is our pleasure to assist you.

All technical Information on this website are sourced on a tecnical inspection report made by a accredited german light laboratory. We owe you this explanation, transparancy belongs to our philosophy.

Illumilla Light Diversity

Since middle of this year we dicided to extend our array of products, our lights are available for the areas of application like follows:

  • Marine Aquarium
  • Freshwater Aquarium, Aquascape
  • Terrarium

Sustainability and Service

In these times endangered of raw material scarcity and climate changing, it is much important to focus on sustainability and service. It is our motivation not to place in short interval complete new lights on the market, for what ?

If your light lose luminous efficacy in a few years, there is no reason to buy a complete new light, the professional dealer, where you bought your light, will change the Led board in a short time and your light is renew again.  

For sure you would get installed the newest Led board, if there are made any updates in the meantime.

Efficiency and Energy saving

Our Illumilla lights are most efficient, that means, with the loxest power input we get the most light output. That is guaranteed in all seasons of the year.                                                                                                                                                           

Based on our super silent active and passive temperature management we are able to provide constantly high light output also in hot summer days.There is no reason to limit it !   

It is in our hands to fullfill the need of your animals, no compromises at all ...

If you already found the best, no need to look for the rest !