Illumilla Fluva Magnum

The Illumilla Fluva lights are developed for freshwater aquariums.

The bright light spectrum gives you the opportunity to choose between 7.000 – 13.000 Kelvin, perfect for all of flora and fauna in particular the aqua scape part.

The high light output and illumination is unique and unattainable until today.

That means for you as hobbyist, low energy cost, we spend the same focus on sustainability like to the other Illumilla lights.

All technical parts of the lights are replaceable, your professional dealer will support you in this case.

Some important facts


-„Fluro-Grow-Power „spectrum
easily and individual adjustable depending of the requirements

-highest PAR measurements in the market, also in higher distances

-Best power efficiency, high luminous flux by low power input

anti-glare, incomparable wide deep radiation, three optics selectable

-Active – and passive Temperature management

-Direct WIFI connection via App, no Router, no gateway, no constantly WIFI connection necessary

-„Memo-Real-Mode “
  Memory of settings during power breakdown
  Real time mode all the time

-solid and high-quality processing