Flagship, the Illumilla Mare Magnum Plus

If you take a look to the spectrum of Mare and Mare Plus you will find some small differences in the green and red part of it, you ask yourself why ?

In the nature the red and green part do not reach that depth illumination inside the ocean.

That means, most of the LPS wild get collected in 15 m deepness and stored in shallow waters, same to the LPS breeding’s.

For that reason we give a little bit more zooxanthellate spectrum especially the red and green part.

e.g. Scolymia spp., Alveopora spp., Goniopora spp.

Some important facts


„Fluro-Grow-Power „spectrum
easily and individual adjustable depending of the requirements

-highest PAR measurements in the market, also in higher distances

-Best power efficiency, high luminous flux by low power input

anti-glare, incomparable wide deep radiation, three optics selectable

-Active – and passive Temperature management

-Direct WIFI connection via App, no Router, no gateway, no constantly WIFI connection necessary

-„Memo-Real-Mode “
  Memory of settings during power breakdown
  Real time mode all the time

-solid and high-quality processing